The Catholic University of America

Furniture Standards

Facilities Operations and Procurement Services have developed standards and recommendations to assist with the procurement of furniture fulfilling campus requirements. The standardization committee identified several suppliers/vendors to provide furniture for the University. The goal is to assure exceptional service, superior quality and warranty for all of the acquired furniture items.

Prior to purchasing furniture and fixtures, please consult Procurement Department and/or Facilities Dept. for guidance and instructions. (Please email or call 5044.)

Please note that any department who purchases furniture without assessment and approval of Procurement Dept. and/or Facilities Dept., will be responsible for the assembly and installation of the acquired furniture.

For all furniture requests, a Project Request form must be submitted for approval by Facilities Operations and/or Procurement Services.

Chairs Available for Purchase

Click on the images below to view office chair options available for purchase and costs associated with each. Prices are subject to change. A formal proposal with correct pricing will be provided to the requester. All other furnishings and any color changes must be approved by Kathleen Cahill.


 Allsteel Basic Access Chair

Allsteel Basic Access Chair


Allsteel Upgraded Access Chair


 HON Lota Chair

 HON Purpose Chair

 Sitonit Focus Task Chair

Wit Task Chair

Sitonit Torsa Task Chair (Executive Level Seating)

Aeron Chair (Executive and/or Ergonomic Seating)